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ITG World Cup 2010

Looked for a php auto index script and found one: autoindex.sourceforge.net/I uploaded the pictures of the WC2010 on it, they should have a good quality.Use www.amegon.at/pictures/

Happy Srandista :)

Wow, nice, finally he received his baby: PIU Exceed 2 Arcade :)

Advertisements a la snowball

I've found a page called "ich-nackt-zuhause.net".

It is a page, where you receive points, if you send your link to another person.
It bad because it generates your id by your ip-address.

Finished OpenITG Logo

After 2 days, hors of work (for an Illustrator noob like me ^^) ive finally managed to finish the OpenITG logo.

I like its colors. check it out, have put it temporarly as logo to this page ;)

OpenITG Logo

I really should learn how to use Illustrator, but seems asif its recognizable as ITG-Arrow :) I've used the ITG2-PS2-Advertisement-Box as help in order to create paths.Filled the paths with some theme Colors... rezized to 1/4 of original size ^^.. and voila. .. :)

Drupal Base

Finally I've managed to set-up my website with the CMS Drupal.

Inhalt abgleichen

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